* Currently, Twinge only records streams and channels with 15 or more viewers.

Twinge Discord Notifications

We're happy to announce that Twinge Discord Notifications are now available for all Channels in our system.

New Review Notifications

Review notifications are available now, and will notify your Discord channel of new reviews that are posted to your Channel.

Stream Recap Notifications Coming Soon

Stream recaps will soon be available to channels that average 30 or more viewers, and will give you a recap of your broadcasts as soon as they are concluded.

Don't have Discord? Why not!? Learn more about Discord at

Here's How (Only available if your channel is in our system)

1. Login with your channel's account

2. Navigate to "My Channel" in the top navigation bar

3. Click to "Connections" Tab

4. Click "Discord"

5. Click "Add Server"

6. Select the Server you'd like to add the Bot to, make sure "Send Messages" is checked

7. Click "Authorize"

8. Select the Channel you'd like the Bot to post to